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Hope this doesn't get too personal

Alright, time to talk about me, I hate this part; I mean who wants to talk about themselves all the time? scratch that, several people just came to mind; any who, I've been working with computers since I was a child, building my first computer at the age of 10 years old, having said that, back then, all I had to work with was hamster wheels and steam powered CPU's, but I think it's a notable mention.

Communication is something I love, communicating is what I am doing right now, but the only difference is that you can't reply; [maybe I should get some sort of guess book page on here 🤔]. Working with clients/people is so important, getting all the details about what needs doing is critical to the success of a project. Never will I be to scared to ask questions, propose new ideas or suggest why I don't think that's a good idea and how it could be improved upon, all while keeping the end goal insight.


Using the power of voice, I will shape the world *Evil Laugh*

You'll never guess how I got into voice-overs! Counter-Strike, no I'm not kidding. I was playing a round of Counter-Strike, then out of no-where this random guy starts commentating the game live as we play; I'm now sat there in my very cheap gaming chair, flabbergasted, thinking to myself, what am I listening to? This sounds amazing!

You know what comes next, yes, you guessed it, I had to try that, I muted my microphone (that I got from poundland [for just one pound, I got a gaming headset, wow!]) I start trying to mimic what the random guy is doing and just like that, the voice sounded just like him, granted it was an octave higher being younger and all, but as I've grown so has my voice.

I've never stopped since, I always use my voice to make for some interesting interactions, it's also a good ice breaker!

Putting a smile on someone's face, that gets me! Now just to get myself into a tutorial screen on a video game explaining everything the wrong way!


Who knew pressing keys on a keyboard could do that?

See some people call it programming, I bet they call it that to sound more cool, I mean it does have a nice ring to it; but alas, I'll call it coding.

I've been prog.. coding since 2013, off and on, but I always seem to come back to it. The first thing that got me into coding was that I wanted to create my own news post system, so that I could login to a MySQL database, add an entry, then.. Boom! It's right there, on the page, live and ready to be read by one person.

Since then I've gathered the following understanding of these languages:

Not bad eh? I'm currently studying C# right now. My reasoning behind that is to make Desktop applications for disabled users to better the experience with a computer.