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innerSloth (Community Director)

Huskies has quickly become an irreplaceable Moderator and presence within the innerSloth Discord server for Among Us. Quick thinking and proactive, he single-handedly developed a custom Voice Bot that addressed the needs of our server of over 500k members. Both our moderators and players struggled to create, join, and self-moderate rooms, and Huskies' bot quickly took care of all those issues. It has served our community well and revitalized a lot of activity within the voice channels; Not only that but he was around to help us debug, provide documentation, and come around at a moment's notice to help us with any issues that came up.

As a moderator, his ability to get along with the team and players has made him a delight to have around. As we are a server that values leading by example, he has certainly been that role model for many of the people there! I'd enthusiastically recommend Huskies for any project in the future.

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We utilized free discord bots for our needs but found them lacking. I had a vision of what we wanted and had worked with Huskies previously on a voiceover job (which went seamlessly). I approached him with my ideas, and he was enthusiastic. We discussed a price, which I felt was very fair and then we began.

We found Huskies to be very professional throughout the entire process. He listened to what we wanted the bot to do, and even gave us some wonderful suggestions. He kept us informed with the progress and communicated fully with us. It was amazing to see the bot be created, and the final product was amazing. The bot works amazing and with only 1-2 bugs that we found, even then HuskiesXD was quick to fix the issues and now it works flawlessly and is enjoyed by all the members of our discord. We received all the files and Huskies guarantees all his work for the lifetime of the bot, but we don't expect any issues.

As a small business, Huskies has shown the level professionalism and efficiency that one should expect from a quality service and product. We will be utilizing Huskies again for any future Discord Bots and voiceovers. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. My discord is NeonRubberDucky#8902